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Marine André is the author of the new Podcast

My Home of Wonders

Experience modern, magical and enchanting online audio fairy tales from Wednesday 10 February 2021 with the new podcast My Home of Wonders - the english edition of Ma Maison Magique !

My Home of Wonders offers a modern and sweet tale to listen to every week. Each original story features Arthur or Chloe, who are confronted with lots of funny, magical and fairy stories in their own home. In their bedrooms, kitchens or living rooms, dragons, fairies, genies, elves and more unicorns come to life for extra-ordinary adventures!

The bonus? These short stories are presented in two languages: an English and a
French version. The French story comes out every Saturday at 4:30 p.m. as part of the Ma Maison Magique series and its English adaptation is available at the same time on the following Wednesday. A nice way to learn another language if you wish!

A moment of relaxation and joy to be experienced alone or as a family!

Release dates : Each Wednesday 4.30 pm for the English tale, each Saturday 4.30 pm for the French
version; from Wednesday 6th February 2021.

Duration: approximately 4 to 6mn.

Author : Marine André - Narrators : Madeleine Leslay (English), Flavie Maintier (French)